The Maine Telemark Festival Photo Page

Sunday River. January 11 and 12





Morning sign in

Sunday River Witch.


Biff sending out the clinics.



Brian demonstrates inside ski turning.



First clinics go out.


First turns of the day.

Heather Paul meets her morning clinic.

The Tele Hoola Girls.


Matt finding his mogul class.

Paul demonstrating 'angulation'.

All together....

The Tandem boys.

Shiela the Hoola tele girl.

The Tandem Boys take off.

"Ok, now go left.."


And she even skied the moguls in that.


Roddy with his clinic.


Flying Wizard.



Afternoon clinics.

Heather takes off.


Biff begins the afternoon awards ceremony.


Matt showing the prizes.

The Lobster Girls and viking.


The Scotty Bob Raffle.


Vicki shows how to build a sled from skis.

The Hoola girls (with guy) strut their stuff.


Biff introduces special guest Heather Paul.





All photos by Seth Gutharte, 2003



Hey guys, just wanted to tell you what a great time we had at the Maine Tele Fest. My wife and I both took clinics Saturday and Sunday and our skiing has improved dramatically. The instructors were awsome! Good prizes. Next year we are going all out for the costume contest.

--Mike and Alisia- Boston, Ma


Thanks for putting it on, it was a great time to say the least. What a great thing to see so many tele-skiers take over a place like Sunday River!
The clinics were the best I've ever been to, and I'm already looking forward to Bretton Woods and Stowe this spring!

--teletom (


What a great move. With the snow and terrain at Sunday River you couldn't fail but have a great festival! Congrats on the big turnout. Only comment I might add would be to have another keg on hand for the free beer. It ran out too soon (: Great demo gear this year.

--Dave Sumpter, Saco


Who ever wasn't there missed out on a great event and should make every opportunity to go to the next one at Brettonwoods 2 weeks from now. The uphill/ downhill race spanked me but it was fun and I'll do it again. But what really did it for me was a major breakthrough thanks to instructions from the excellent instructors I've had. Randy Baker (the fella on leathers and Pavo's) and Greg Wilson, John Murphy and Dirk Andersen, Jody Hausen and Ron Lessard. Once I corrected my bad habits of wrong hand positions and sitting back and imitating the instructions, everything just clicked in a very short period of time and I was able to be centered over the skis with weight evenly distributed, articulate the upper body and make quick transitions and carve those skis. It was a sweet feeling! Now I gotta get out again soon and practice before I forget everything.
Thanks again to Biff, Matt, the instructors and everone else who put this thing together.


--Steve L. (


Great fest! great fun! Thanks to Biff, Matt and everyone else that organized and put on another fantastic fest- was great to see so many tele- whackers overtake the mountain.

--NH tele Rookie (


I'll add my thanks to Biff, Matt, Dirk, Dave, and everyone else involved there. It was a great day, and pretty rough to head back to the city after. Can't wait for the next events.

--G. Gephardt


Just want to thank Biff, his wife and all the tele instructers who made my skiing MUCH, MUCH better! As an alpine convert who has only been on tele's 5 days this year so far, I was up to the intermediate clinics by Sunday. Lucky that I was able to hang around on Monday to practice all the drills I was taught. Hopefully Ican make it to New Hampshire or Vermont for the next two - must clear it with my boss though.

--telebird (