Robin Roaf


Bob Dow and Robin always, keepin it going and flowin...

NET position

Co-director of volunteers

Senior Instructor


PSIA Level 2

20 year pin

Dragon Slayer and all around saver of butts

Robin has been a skier her whole life and is quite passionate about telemark skiing. A telemark instructor for the past 17 years, she believes that it is her job as an instructor to develop a solid platform from which the student can grow their own telemark personality. Robin has been an instructor with NET since 2002.

An avid sailor, she and her husband Bob Dow cruise in their Alberg 37 sloop ARTEMIS downeast every August. In addition to her grown up job at a landscaping company, she teaches pottery in her studio. Robin and Bob have two grown children who are both artist. Robin loves to cook and bakes all of their bread. You can always expect something yummy when you visit!


Synergy boots, on Rossi Rip Chicks with Rottafella R4 binders

The Artemis


Hi Robin!

Thanks again for the lesson. We really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. You are truly an amazing instructor ... to be able to somehow turn my fearful snowplows into step turns and tele turns was an excellent thing to learn (and helps me get my weight off my uphill ski which I am so fond of hanging on).

We actually both had our places of work close today - we have to make up the time by working 12 hour days (who cares when you can ski in fresh snow!) - but we got to play at Pat's Peak today which was such a treat....and very different from Wildcat. I actually went down a blue - a Pat's blue but I worked my way down - not all tele but I was able to turn/stop/turn/stop and then turn/turn/turn a few times!! Dave too was having a great time working on nice turns. Thanks to you :)

Lori Pires and David Jacob




Robin Roaf did a wonderful job giving us a lesson at King Pine on Sunday (Tele Daze), and we enjoyed getting the use of the equipment. I just finished an article on the day, and included a link to your website. Here's the link to the article:


David Shedd
Publisher & Senior Editor
"Eastern Snowsports and Outdoor Activities"