Matt and Biff

A Note from the Directors:

What is it about a telemark festival that is just so much fun? Great skiing, good people, clinics, events, prizes, a party and tons of gear to try. We have been bringing telemark skiers together from all over New England for the last fifteen years and have worked hard to make this season's festivals the best ever! If you have never been to a telemark don't know what you have been missing. It is a celebration, a sharing and just a kick-ass good time for free heelers. If you have never telemarked...well here is your chance to learn. Our instructors are highly trained, motivated and truly love what they do. They will have you lifting your heel, freeing your mind and laughing yourself silly in no time.

Our sponsors and contributors are very important to us. Not only do they serve as a valuable resource to the telemark skiers attending our festivals but many of their products are given as prizes for our events. Their financial support also helps pay for our advertising, pay our instructors and staff and keep the festivals running. We whole heartily support and thank them and hope that you will too. Please check out our Sponsors Page. If you would like to contact us our e-mail is at the bottom of this page.

Thanks everyone. We'll see you at the fests!

Biff Higgison

Matt DiBenedetto

'...Higgison, known in Maine's art community as a painter, composer and pianist, has carved a parallel track for himself as a top level ski teacher and free spirited Pied Piper of telemark.'

-The Brunswick Times Record, February, 2001


'New England Telemark Co-director, Matt DiBenedetto, is one of those skiers who stands out on the snow. The North Conway skier and former Wildcat ski school assistant director makes the bended knee turns look easy..'

-The Conway Daily Sun, January 19, 2002

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